Our Blockchain Solution Enables you to provide authenticity to your customers


8 times more Manuka honey gets sold, than there is being produced. This introduces a real problem to customers, as fraudulent blends are being mixed and passed off as "pure" Manuka honey.

B-Provenance aims to fix this issue by providing a Blockchain Solution that allows customers to scan a QR code into their Smartphones, which then provides a full history of where the product was manufactured and how it moved down the supply chain.

The real beauty of Blockchain is that data cannot be altered, only added. So if anyone tries to alter the product, it will show in the customers' Smartphones.



- Provides authenticity of product origin

- Secures your brand value and creates satisfied customers

- Updated and validated real-time transactions to enable transparency of activities

Improve your supply chain's efficiency


B-Provenance Provides: 

  • Improved transparency and efficiency across the entire supply chain to deliver higher value to your customers and trading relationships.
  • Reveals product location at any point in time, who owns it and the condition.
  • Enables the opportunity for improved returns.
  • Optimise business transactions and trading relationships with robust secure blockchain business networks


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